Monday, September 26, 2011

Signs that I am beginning to settle in. ..

It's been over two weeks now that I have been in New Zealand. Some signs that I am settling in:

-- I have my very own library card at the Whangarei Central Library.  (I'm a big girl now!)
-- I have my own cell phone
-- Made my first purchase at the "Dispensary" (aka Pharmacy).  I seem to have acquired dozens of itchy insect bites that haven't gone away for 10 days now.  It's nothing serious, just very annoying!
-- Preached my first sermon at New Hope Church of the Nazarene
-- Watched my first official Rugby World Cup game (All Blacks vs. France)
-- Did my first load of laundry
-- First trip to the farmer's market

Enjoy a few more photos from my new home:

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