Monday, August 29, 2011

Visa on it's way!!!

For those of you who have been following my journey, you know that an immense amount of paperwork, time, and money is required to get a work visa in New Zealand (at least for the kind of visa I have been trying to acquire)!  My last piece of the puzzle, the actually work visa sticker that goes in my passport, has been delayed for weeks due to a spot that was found on my lung/chest x-ray. 

Many of you have been praying.  Today I received great news from the embassy (. . . drum roll please. . .)  The doctors have given the clear on my medical certificate and have granted me a 2 year work visa!  It is on it's way here and will arrive safely in my mailbox this week, with a week to spare before I move next Saturday!  To God be the glory! Thank the Lord once again for His provision!

The journey continues. . . .

Friday, August 26, 2011

So blessed I can't hardly stand it!

Last weekend my family and friends threw me a huge 30th b-day/going away party and I was blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I received!  (Not that it really surprised me, because I do have to admit I have the best friends in the world!)

Below I have included just a few fun pics.  For even more pics, click the link below:

Friday, August 19, 2011

The race is on. .

It is true! 3 weeks from tomorrow I am scheduled to fly out of Kansas City and head to beautiful New Zealand!  This is only going to happen if, in fact, I actually receive my work visa and passport back in the mail in time.  Right now my work visa status is still pending.  Apparently the results on my chest x-ray are a source of concern with the doctors in immigration, causing a delay in the granting of my visa.

Of course I could get anxious about this and become worried about whether or not the visa will return in time, but when it all comes down to it. . .I have committed this all to God so it is His job to worry about it.  If  for some odd reason I am supposed to be delayed in my going to NZ, then so be it.  I would rather not have to deal with that, but God's vision stretches far beyond mine.  There is a greater story being played out and my role is to bring glory to Him, whatever the cost.

So, yes, please pray that the visa is returned in time and that I don't have some crazy pulmonary disease. But above all  please pray that God's perfect plan comes to pass. 

Cheers mates!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Called from birth?

I learned something new about myself this week.

     On the eve of my 30th birthday on Wednesday, in typical motherly-fashion, my mom recalled all the traditional stories surrounding my birth.  She told of my swift entrance into the world and the emotional whirlwind she was thrown into when the delivery doctor announced that it was probable I had Downs Syndrome.

All these stories I had heard before, but what I hadn't ever heard was this:  upon receiving the news that I would most-likely live my whole life with a disability, my mother pleaded with the Lord to take away this burden. ..even if it cost me being called to be a missionary! The prayer went something like this, "Lord, I don't know if I can handle this.  Please take this disability away.  You can even take her to the 'mission field', just don't let her have Downs."  This news has touched my heart in a unique way. How ironic that 30 years after my mom prayed that prayer, I am preparing to move to New Zealand for missionary service. 

      It's interesting how the Lord will take you up on an honest offer and place before you a great opportunity to be obedient! (That's one way of looking at it. :-)  It is almost as if having your child called to be a missionary is the 'worst- case-scenerio' for a mother- sending your child far away to an unknown place among unknown people for an unknown length of time.

  It is in fact a beautiful, yet dreaded privilege.

      I had always thought that I was called to be a missionary at age 8 and chose to answer 'yes' to God's call at age 17, but in fact the Lord had graciously called me to a destiny of cross-cultural ministry before I even took my first breath.  Of course it is always my choice if I want to be obedient and follow the Lord toward the destiny He has for me; for His will is always "good, pleasing, and perfect."   The quest is on  . . .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You College Church NMI!

Thanks to the NMI council at Olathe College Church of the Nazarene, I was able to purchase a set of Seeds Family Worship Music, and a case of children's Bibles for my new church in Whangerei, New Zealand!

Seeds music is FANTASTIC, as it puts scripture to music in funky, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head tunes! (That's the point!)

Check out some samples of their music and videos at the link below.  Some are more geared for kids, but many of the songs are catchy and appropriate for adults too!

1 Timothy 4: 12 music video: