Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Camp Photos!

As promised, more photos from "Follow Me" Nazarene Youth Camp 2014.  The kids are still buzzing and so are we!

(Please don't mind the funny formatting on this blog.  I can't seem to get the photos to stay where I place them.  :-)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

God's Math- Youth Camp 2014!

Bloodshot eyes + Sore feet + Tired body = Energized in spirit!

How does this formula work?   It is a mathematical equation made in heaven.

God's math says that 5 loaves +2 fishes = food for over 5,000.  God's order of priority says that the first will be last and the last will be first. Somehow in God's economy, subtraction becomes multiplication, and weaknesses is changed to strength.
This is what many of us experienced this week at "Follow Me" youth camp 2014.  It was very evident that the Lord's favour was upon our 115 youth and leaders this week at Parua Bay!  We enjoyed hours of fun in the sun, silly games, delicious food (and then some more!), powerful preaching and incredible live music! Jumping off wharfs, kayaking, and sliming up on a giant water slide make for a good camp in any culture.  And you can't forget staying up all night and bashing your best friends with giant noodles!

 But what makes for a GREAT youth camp?  It can only be the moving of God's Holy Spirit in the hearts of young people. In only the way that He can, God communicated His love and grace to our campers, urging them to follow Him into eternal life, real life. . .. and many responded!

Even before my preaching began last night and without any invitation from the front, some kids were weeping, convicted of sin and keenly aware of their need for a Saviour.   It has been a long time since many of us as leaders had witnessed such a powerful moving of God's Spirit like this among our young people on the New Zealand district. We gave them an opportunity to respond and dozens unashamedly came forward to soak up the love of the Saviour and accept Jesus as their Lord!   Even as I write this blog post, I smile with tears while I recall the precious conversations and prayers I was privileged to share with some of them.  All I can say is, "Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. "
Could you please join me in praying for true disciples to be made out of these young ones who have taken the first step in following Jesus?  For both youth leaders and teens it will require a genuine commitment to the process of this sacred journey towards holiness.  It will require a comittment to following Jesus.

Tired bodies?  Little sleep? Sore Feet?  YEP!  And it's all worth it!


Stay tuned for more photos over the next few days!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Camp is Coming! WHO are you following?

WHO are you following?

Our "Follow Me" Nazarene Youth Camp 2014 is only days away.  We'll have a packed house with record numbers of campers and leaders: 113 in all! They will come from all corners of the North Island, representing nine different ethnic groups and adding their own cultural flavour to the experience!  We are anticipating a life-changing, memorable, and exciting camp Jan 13-17, and pray that all the excitement spills out into the rest of life beyond those 5 days.

Please pray for all involved this year, that we would be completely open to the moving of God's Holy Spirit and many would truly consider the question,"Who are you following?"  and choose to follow Christ Jesus whole-heartedly.  It takes a great deal of work to put on a camp like this, so our leaders (kitchen staff, speakers, directors, security, first aid, sports, counselours, etc) will all need an added measure of patience and energy.  We know that God will dish that out in abundance.  :-)

From the 12th to 17th of Jan, I will be on site and unable to access internet, but will update the blog as soon as I return, hopefully with great stories and photos to share!