Thursday, September 29, 2011

Out in Dargaville

This week I had the privilege of heading out to Dargaville to help with the "Rock Solid" youth outreach.  What a blast hanging with 11-13 yr olds who are ripe for the harvest and looking for a place to be loved and shaped by God!  Almost all of the kids who attend this outreach regularly are not part of any local church, so this is often their only spiritual feeding and outlet through the week.

Prior to diving into Rock Solid I spent some time with my new friends Nigel and Jae who own some property out in the country (which would actually typify most of New Zealand).  Horses, ponies, chickens, bamboo, distant mountains. .. ahhh.  See pics:


  1. We SURE enjoyed the Skype chat last night ... Shane and family all say HELLO !!
    Ron & Sherry

  2. Looks like kids everywhere love balloons!