Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lord, You've done it again!

It seems as though each week something occurs in my life causing me to marvel and say to the Lord, "You've done it again!"  This week was no different.

 Slowly but surely, I am learning to call out for God's help any time I don't know what to do, even when the "I don't know what to do" is seemingly minuscule or insignificant. Well, this week my concern was hardly minuscule, as I was required to undergo quite an extensive (and expensive!) medical examination as one of many steps to obtain my work visa in New Zealand!

In order to be granted full-time employment in New Zealand for more than 12 months, the immigration office requires that all applicants submit a 20 page document verifying that the applicant (me) has had a successful chest x-ray, blood tests, urinalysis, and complete physical.  These tests and the lab work associated with evaluating the results are very expensive, not to mention the added cost of the x-rays and other basic medical fees.

 I am uninsured, so this poses a problem for me.  Knowing that I did not have $1,200+ (USD) to dish out of my pocket, I turned to the Lord for help, knowing He has every resource available at his disposal and loves to make those resources available to His children!  I prayed to the Lord for guidance and asked around for name of doctors whom I might contact for suggestions on getting some type of discount. I was directed to an old family doctor of ours, who is active in the life of the poor and broken around the world and has connections, it seems, with everyone on the planet!  He was able to connect me with a team of technicians and doctors who took me under their wing and went out of their way to provide everything I needed . . .for only $113!!!  They even helped me with paperwork!  They did this is a service to my doctor and to me, but I believe they were serving Christ as well!

Once again, I am amazed at how Christ responds so eagerly.  It's almost as if He loves it when his children genuinely ask Him for things that are in accordance with his will, so he can show off!  Thank you Lord!