Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winding up to wind down.

 2014 is swiftly coming to a close and here in New Zealand, December not only means Christmas festivities, but the end of the school calendar as well. 

This week has been filled with end-of- year meetings, BBQs, school prize-givings, and the like.  Next week will likely be just as busy as we prepare for our Kids Club Talent Show, Gymnastics Display, and Food Bank Hamper Day.   It's almost as if things are winding up in order for them to wind down. (See photos of our Rock Solid BBQ on Tuesday.)

Like a spring tightly wound, our schedules grow smaller, allowing for less and less breathing room.  Our brains become saturated with endless distractions, allowing for less and less thinking room. Our bodies crave sleep, allowing for less and less effectiveness in our endeavours.  There will eventually come a point when the spring has, well. . .sprung!  The energy stored inside the coil will find a path of escape and who knows where it will fly!

Before the coil of your life gets to that point, consider this:

Jesus Christ never ended a day in life with regret.  He never woke up regretting what he said, did, or thought yesterday.  Ahhh.. .what would that feel like to have a day, a week, a month like that?
Don't let your busy schedule leave you with regrets.

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