Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nothing Short of Miraculous

This stunning sunrise was captured by my dear friend Jess on Christmas morning at the Ngunguru Sandspit, about 25 minutes from Whangarei.  This is nothing short of miraculous, but off course we wouldn't expect anything different from the Lord, would we?!

 None of these photos were edited or enhanced.  What you are viewing are the fingerprints of God, pure and simple.

As 2014 soon becomes history here in New Zealand, I am reminded that each breath I breathe and each day I am given to live is nothing short of miraculous.  An even greater miracle, more beautiful than the brightness of the sun reflecting off the sea, is a life lived to the glory of God.

May the old prayer of St. Patrick be our prayer for the new year:
"Above and below me,
Before and behind me,
 In every eye that sees me,
Christ be all around me."

Thanks, Jess, for using your skills and resources to photograph the handiwork of God!

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