Sunday, December 7, 2014

Make Me Brave : Talent Show 2014

As a gracious audience cheered on, each child took the stage, presenting their special "item" for our Kids Club Christmas Talent Show.  Some sang songs, while others danced, and still others demonstrated karate moves or showcased artwork.   It was an evening of creativity (and a bit of organized chaos! ;-).

As both director and spectator, I was truly touched by one thing more than any other.  Allow me to share:

One of our young singers was plagued with stage-fright, breaking into tears and ready to exit the stage in embarrassment, when two older girls took it upon themselves to join her on stage and sing along.  They clung to her side, confidently yet humbly singing with her as if nothing had happened, giving her courage to finish her performance.  Soon after, her father joined the crowd on stage and we soon had what looked like a small choir!  This was a picture of grace: treating each other better than we deserve and making each other brave by doing life together.

Thank you, Jesus, that you make us brave and give us the opportunity to share that courage with others.

Who can you give courage to today?

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