Monday, February 17, 2014

The Tutukaka Lighthouse

Photos courtesy my friend Jes!
 I am privy to some pretty spectacular views here in New Zealand, and am blessed to see the ingenuity and creativity of our God on a daily basis.  Sometimes I giggle at the utter ridiculousness of the things I see.   Seriously, what was God thinking when he designed a sting-ray, or a tea tree, an octopus, or a spider that spins webs?  Even more outrageous is the fact that he would dream up a human being with ten fingers and toes, elbows and eye-balls. . .with a brain that learns and a heart that loves.  God must be mad.

Or madly in love.

The Tutukaka lighthouse is a functioning solar-powered beacon located on the Kukutauwhao Island, just a 30 minute drive from my home in the Whangarei city centre.  This landmark can only be reached on foot at low-tide, because the 1 hour hike takes you through the Tutukaka headland and eventually across to Kukutauwhao Island. The views are gorgeous. . .and here I am 10,000 miles from what I call "home" enjoying them, taking them in, and locking them in my memory bank.

What is even more remarkable is that while I stand and breathe in the salty sea air, allowing these images to be etched into my brain, the lighthouse continues to do it's job, guiding seafarers safely to shore.  Curious pedestrians come and go day after day, trekking the hills for a brief visit to the lighthouse.  No matter.  It shines on, doing what it was designed to do.

"The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?" ~  Psalm 27:1

The Creator of the octopus and the maker of the hills I climb is my Lighthouse. He is madly in love . .with me.  He faithfully and consistently guides my life. His words illuminate my path, showing me the way to live and love. And as he guides me he allows me the delight of enjoying views along the way.

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