Saturday, February 22, 2014

Camp Reunion : Follow Jesus

"Don't follow Twitter. Don't follow Facebook. Follow Jesus."  
Great words of wisdom for our teens from one of our youth leaders, John Tautua.

 Our camp reunion last night was blessed of God and reassured me that our next generation is not doomed to be lost.  God has not misplaced them; they are not out of sight, nor out of mind.  In fact, the One True God has them on his mind night and day and watches them closely, finding endless ways to show them his love and his way of holiness.

I was so proud as I listened to 13, 14, and 15 year olds boldly testifying to a genuine change in life because of their choice to submit to Jesus last month at camp.  One boy said, "I used to be so shy and afraid.  Now I look at me; I'm confident and I know who I am.  I just can't describe with words what God has done for me!"  

On the 3 hour van ride home from the reunion in the late hours of the night, some deep theological questions emerged, ponderings like "How do I know that what I believe is really real?" and  "Is God Spirit?  Then why did he come to earth to be human as Jesus Christ?"    Our discussions on these and other serious issues were genuine and honest and I am grateful for the uninterrupted time in the car to explore such things.  God is indeed working in the hearts of our young people and that is a direct result of your prayers.  Please keep up the great work!

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