Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cloudless day, Hike up Parihaka. . .Ahhh

Ahhh. .. sunshine!  Many of you have put up with my whining about the endless rain here in New Zealand, and perhaps you were also wondering when the sun would shine.  Wonder no more.  Today was a warm, CLOUDLESS day!  Now this is spring to me!
 In an effort to take advantage of this phenomenon, I made the hike up Mt. Parihaka today. Mt. Parihaka is a small mountain here in Whangarei, with quite a vista of the harbor, distant mountains and ocean from the top. The trail head is only a 10 minute walk from the church. As I entered the trail, I found it reminiscent of Papua New Guinea: steep, muddy, lush green rain forest. .  .except without the threat of slithering, squirmy reptiles and amphibious creatures.  New Zealand is unique is many ways, one of which is that there no are poisonous snakes, large predators, or really any animals that could harm you here.  (Or so they say.  :-)  Now that's the way to hike.  Enjoy the photos!

(I have more photos I will post soon.  I took some of them on my ipod and still trying to figure out how to sync them to my computer.)

1 comment:

  1. that sounds like an Alison kind of day! :)
    We are so thankful to be able to stay in touch with you here and especially Skype :)

    NZ sounds better all the time with not having any of the dangerous living things to be on the look out for :)

    So thankful that you were able to enjoy a day of sun and hiking Alison.

    Blessings and grace!