Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baptism at Kaiiwi Lakes

Yesterday was a glorious day for multiple reasons, the most significant being the celebration of baptism for a man named Moses! Moses is a new believer at the Dargaville Church of the Nazarene, about an hour west of Whangarei, and yesterday was his big day to give a public testimony of how God is changing him from the inside out! 
 I still can't get over just how gracious and compassionate or Lord is. .. He IS STILL in the business of changing people, delivering from sin, overcoming additions, breaking through cycles of violence.  Moses is a tangible reminder that you are never too old to be the recipient of God's love, care and power.
To the left you'll see two very important ladies: Donna and Adrienne.  Donna is my co-pastor here at New Hope Church.  Adrienne has so graciously welcomed me into her home and allowed me to rent a room there (and really become part of the family!).  I thank the Lord everyday for these two incredible women who have embraced me, helped me, and become friends!

Below is a pic with my friend Jae and her daughter, Rubie.  (Baptism also calls for swimming!)


  1. thank you Father for Moses and you continued working in NZ. Continue to be with Alison Lord and let her know we continue to lift up her and other workings of the kingdom in NZ.

  2. Alison, this is a test to see if our post sticks. Sharon will be posting after I get this to message to post.

    Al Hayes

  3. Alison, just testing this again to see if it still works the way we think it should.

  4. Alison, see how much we love you---working like little bees to get this blog figured out!!! It really is pretty cool, isn't it? The pictures show you being your usual loving, accessible self. Monday night we prayed for your two friends and their visa issues. In no time at all the people there will love you just like your "family" does wherever you've been all over the world. And when we get to Heaven, we will all be together in one place! Talk later (Al is standing here to see if this will go.) Love, Sharon

  5. Alison, we had to tweek our profile name. For som reason it wanted to spell out the & symbol. But I think we've got now. Talk more later. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.