Friday, November 15, 2013

Nazarenes Respond to Typhoon Haiyan

Brisbane storm rolling in
G'day from Brisbane, Australia!

     I am currently just "across the ditch",  participating in the Australia Northern Pacific District Assembly and enjoying the company and hospitality of old friends here.

But while we are enjoying heat and sunshine, peace and prosperity, our Nazarene brothers and sisters in the Philippines are suffering immensely, hoping just to survive the next few hours.  You all are very well aware of the indescribable heart-ache and devastation that Typhoon Haiyan has caused and hopefully you've been able to find ways to respond through prayer, donations, and physical support.

Please click the link below to see details on how our Nazarene brothers and sisters are being affected and how we are responding.

  Nazarenes Respond to Typhoon Haiyan


At the end of this newsletter you will also see a very encouraging story about our All Nations Church of the Nazarene in Auckland and how God has used them to bring hope to a very culturally diverse group of people over the last 60 years!

PLEASE take a moment and click on the link to read from our regional update.

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