Friday, August 16, 2013

This aint no 'Little House on the Prairie"!

My post today takes us from the sandy shores of New Zealand to the heartland of America. More specifically to downtown Olathe, Kansas.

Faith Journey Church of the Nazarene is the product of a God-sized dream planted in the heart of Pastor Michael Downs well over 13 years ago.  After 2 years of study, prayer, and planning the dream that was Faith Journey became a reality and I was privileged to be a part of that original core of people seeking to plant a church in the marketplace of Olathe.  When I say marketplace, I mean that literally.  We planted the church right in middle of the Great  Mall of the Great Plains and have always intended to remain a missional church bring Jesus TO people right where they are in life.

Now, 11 years after it's inception, God has  placed another larger-than-life dream in the heart of Pastor Michael and the Faith Journey leadership.  The new dream is to partner with community organizations and churches in Olathe to create a comprehensive community service hub downtown at the old Mill Creek Center.

The building may be in Kansas, but it sure ain't no "Little House on the Prairie"!  Built in 1926, this massive campus is currently owned by the Olathe District Schools and once housed the original Olathe High School and Vocational Technology school and workshops. Now the building is up for sale and it is hoped that Faith Journey will be able to transform it into a comprehensive community service hub, offering counseling services, food assistance, tutoring and after school care, language skill development, etc.

The dream is BIG.  The dream is expensive.  The dream will require a lot of work to make a reality. .
Beware! The dream has the capacity to impact thousands of people in need in Olathe.  The dream has the capacity to literally change the DNA of the city.  The dream has the capacity to make God famous in Olathe.

I may be 10,000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific ocean, but a large part of what makes me who I am is wrapped up in my experience serving with Faith Journey Church of the Nazarene over the years.

Please watch this compelling video created by Josh Weinstock (Yes, that's my brother by the way.  He is a professional videographer and media specialist.)  This 3 minute video was created as part of the proposal for the Olathe School Board and will cut right to your heart.  You might even see some clips of yours truly in there!

Mill Creek Center Video- Click Here!

These next few weeks are crucial, as we pray for the Olathe School Board to accept the offer for the purchase of this campus and begin revolutionizing the place!

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