Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Indianapolis, home of the Hoosiers!

What is a "Hoosier?"

I don't have a clue, but neither does anyone else around me. He he!  Regardless, Donna and I are now enjoying good 'ole Midwestern US hospitality in Indianapolis, home of the Hoosiers.  Thank the Lord, after a very long journey that began over 2.5 days ago, we arrived safely last night with all our luggage and sanity intact, greeted by a lovely couple Tim and Debbie who graciously took us in for the evening.
We will be here in Indianapolis for the next week for Nazarene General Assembly, reuniting with Nazarenes from all over the globe and making important decisions about how we carry out the mission of Christ in our world.

Please continue to follow this blog for updates, photos.  .and maybe even some ideas of what a "hoosier" might be. 

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  1. Hope you enjoying the warmer weather and the familiarities of 'home'. :)Weather has turned ugly here:(!