Thursday, June 20, 2013

General Assembly: A glimpse of things to come...

For those of you who like numbers, get a load of this!

  At this 2013 23rd Global Nazarene General Assembly:

--  30,000 Nazarenes are expected to participate on site, representing the larger global church of over 2.1 million members.
-- This week we are also linked in via skype to 11 different regional sites in Argentina, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, Trinidad and the USA.
--The delegates to the convention represent 74 different countries and over 28,000 Nazarene churches worldwide.

Participating in this assembly is a bit like experiencing a slice of heaven. Tune your ear to hear a plethora of languages worshipping the the One True God and you might just get goosebumps. Open your eyes wide and you'll see the the good news of hope and life in Jesus Christ celebrated by various cultural expressions.

It is truly a privilege to be here reuniting with old friends from around the world and making many new ones!  In reality, this is just a shadow of the great reunion of the family of God that will one day occur in its fullness, where all those who call God their Father will finally be together and the kingdom of God will become the kingdom of this earth.

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