Monday, December 31, 2012

We made it to 2013!

  We made it to 2013!  And in true Kiwi fashion, we've been able to enjoy the new year at the beach under the hot summer sun.

For those of you shivering in the northern hemisphere, wondering if all we ever do is go to the beach, know this:

1) You are invited to visit!

2) Kiwis of all shapes and sizes have a great appreciation of the sea and find in it much of what is needed for daily life.  Just as many Americans gather to watch the ball drop in Time Square on a frigid New Year's Eve, most Kiwis find themselves at the ocean with a bit of BBQ and bottle of beer. (sadly)

3) Incarnational ministry is all about participating in redemptive relationships and doing the hard yards of life with those around you.  Thankfully, God has built a sabbath rest into the rhythms of life and we are wise to take advantages of these opportunities for respite and rejoicing that He provides. It is those times when we need not feel guilty for refueling and preparing to re-enter the battlefield. 

Wherever you are, I pray that you choose to trust God with every second of 2013 and in doing that, find your true rest there.

PS- Please pray for Rock Solid Breakaway Summer Camp next week.  100+ teens and brave (or crazy!) adult leaders will gather at Kauri Mt for 6 days of camping under the stars.  We pray that we are able to point many kids straight to Jesus and that this next week will be the most life-changing week of their lives.

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