Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looking around. . .

A 1967 Swiss Elna sewing machine, accompanied by threads and fabric scraps give evidence to my last creative venture. 

Cards from loved ones rest upon the shelf above a faucet that flows with clean, drinkable water. 

Photos from home, filled with faces of people I love hang on the wall to remind me that I am not alone.

 My Bible, journal, and an array of half-working pens are scattered on the table that extends from the wall in my narrow hallway that also serves as a lounge.

A pale blue boogie-board leans upon the wall, anxiously waiting for its next chance to hit the waves.

 Fresh sunset-colored hydrangeas adorn the window ledge that peers out to the lush garden from which they were cut.

 Tapa cloths embedded with Melanesian pigin scripture hang from the walls, pointing to precious memories of the past.

A "to-do" list stares at me from my dry-erase board, affirming that, though I often complain about it, being productive helps me to grow.

When I look around my flat here in New Zealand, this is what I see.  At first glance everything may seem so ordinary, so mundane.  Yet for me these are signs of a blessed life, one that is filled with life, love, and purpose. .. and I am thankful.   I am thankful to be serving here in Whangarei, the one true God who freely gives love, grace, and new life to all who will receive it.

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