Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock Solid- Mini Olympics!

Rock Solid has been the topic of a few blog posts over the last year, probably because it is a ministry I so enjoy! Every Thursday I have the privilege of joining with good friends and fellow ministers in Dargaville to hang out with intermediate kids, act like I'm 12, and show Christ's love right in the middle of it!

Last night was no different. We hosted our own little 'mini Olympics' complete with straw javelin throwing, dwarf racing, cotton ball shot put, and of course a bit of pie throwing to lend our support for Scottie's birthday! (Thanks, Jae for all the great game ideas!)

Last night also marked the start of "Discovering Jesus" a smaller discipleship group designed for those students who want to know what it really means to know Jesus on a personal level.  Discovering Jesus meets for an hour prior to our regular Rock Solid activity nights.  4 youth attended Discovering Jesus for the first time last night; would you pray for these kids?  Pray that their eyes would be opened and hearts softened to God's love, that they would choose to follow Him and experience the victorious and hope-filled life that Christ offers, and as a result, change the families and communities in which they live.

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