Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Discovering Jesus with Rock Solid

Tuesday nights are always filled with fun and faith as we gather at Kamo Intermediate School for "Rock Solid", an interdenominational youth outreach.

 The majority of our youth come from homes where participating in church is not a common practice and where the name of Jesus is nothing more than a curse word.  Rock Solid provides a safe place for youth to come and spend energy, get a good feed, and learn godly principles.

This week we have launched a new "Discovering Jesus" course for those kids really keen to learn more about who Jesus is, what he claims to do, and how that affects life in the here and now.  It is an exploratory small group Bible Study of sorts, geared for 11-14 yr olds.  We now meet shortly after school, before the traditional Rock Solid club nights begin and tonight we praise God for five students who took the plunge and attended the course.  This will continue for six weeks, after which the youth will have the chance to evaluate what they have learned and decide for themselves if they really want to follow Christ.

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of this very special season in the lives of these young people before I leave New Zealand!

Please pray that the words of Christ, recorded in His Word, will penetrate the heart of every young person and bring about transformation.

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  1. Alison-- I too am a MNU grad (just a year or two behind you, I think). My husband and I are moving to NZ in Dec to be the pastors of Hamilton Crossroads Church of the Nazarene. I would love to connect with you. Email me at elizabeth.graham@ymail.com.