Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No Cosmic Accident

Day One of "God's DIY Project" was a blast!  What a joy it is to serve the precious children of Whangarei through our weekly Kids Club at New Hope Church!  For some, Kids Club is the only safe place where truth is spoken and the love of God celebrated, and it has become a favourite for many!
 Our session included a study of Genesis chapter 1, the creation of the heavens and the earth, and a discussion on what makes human beings unique from every other creature under the sun. We are stamped by the Divine, bearing the image of God in our very beings, making us His greatest prize.

Children need to know that we are not the product of some big bang or a cosmic accident, nor are we just a combination of chemical reactions.  As children get older and begin to face significant questions about identity, purpose, and destiny, evolutionary theory provides no help.  No big bang theory is going to offer you comfort when life loses its luster and the bottom falls out. These lies only strip mankind of intrinsic value, leaving it lacking in purpose and therefore hope.

The truth is that we are the product of a grand design, intended for extraordinary relationship with our Creator.  What a marvelous thought!  What words of hope!

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