Friday, November 21, 2014

My First Christmas Gift!

I love the colour yellow.  Sunshine, happiness, and all things cheerful seem to involve yellow. It is even better when it comes in the form of a little slip of paper in my PO Box at the Post Office.  Most often that little yellow slip is my ticket to a special package from home, a reminder that I am loved and remembered even from 10,000 miles away!

Today that little yellow paper made an appearance and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Christmas care package from the Plymouth Heights Church of the Nazarene in Franklin Furnace, Ohio! This is my first Christmas gift of 2014!  They are one of my LINKS churches and have time and again supported me through prayer, encouragement and financial contributions.   Replete with handmade cards, sour gummy worms, chocolate, and BBQ sauce, this parcel was well thought-out and intended just for me.  :-)

Thank you, Plymouth Heights Nazarene!

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