Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birthday Blessings: If Jesus and I were peers.

33 years young.
I moved here to New Zealand just after my 30th birthday and now I find myself crossing the 33rd threshold.  I can't help but notice that Jesus' public ministry took him from age 30- 33, after which he was crucified, dead and buried.. . only to rise again!  How delightful to think that if Christ were walking on this earth in the flesh today we'd be peers, contemporaries, fellow sojourners in the race of life.  I would imagine we might be good mates, maybe hang out for a "cuppa" every now and again or hit the beach for a good surf.  This is not to say that we would have been equals- far from it!  I only say that life would have been quite interesting with him around. 
We never would have quarreled (well, at least not coming from his end.  Lol!) and I dare say that I would feel the most secure I've ever felt in my life. 

Well, Christ IS here with me now through his spirit.  He is not merely my mate, He is my God, my Saviour, and my Deliverer.   I can't see him with my eyes, but what I can see is the beautiful people that He has put into my life to show me His love.

I was truly blessed this weekend by many of those individuals and families reminding me of my value and worth. From early morning birthday serenades to handmade cards, to lunches out and free microwaves, I was blown away with the thoughtfulness and care offered to me!

Thank you, Father, for the deep and fulfilling relationships that you have allowed me to enjoy in this little town at the top of the bottom of the world. 

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