Thursday, July 24, 2014

Revolving Door

The inevitable has come.  Tuesday is my departure date.

After three lovely weeks here in USA, it will soon be time to say good-bye to the people and places that make this such a pleasant place to come home to.  Once again I have been blessed beyond measure: enjoying the company of old friends and new, reuniting with family members and even bumping into fellow missionaries from around the globe!
This is a sweet part of what it means for me to be a missionary.

Unfortunately, this is also what makes it bitter, because with every "hello" comes an inevitable "good-bye".

Due to the nature of missionary work and cross-cultural service, life at times feels like a revolving door.  People come and go.  I come and go.  Life goes on.  The only constant; the only One who travels with me through these revolving doors is Jesus, and for that I am grateful.

Enjoy more pics of some of these precious people!


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