Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Butter Rescue!

Last week as I entered the Salvation Army Food Bank I received some exciting news regarding a certain delicacy of the culinary world.  We received real butter. . .. 1,000 pounds of it! That's over 450 kilograms of the rich, creamy, clog-your-arteries spread that we all love!

This butter was destined for the dump in a local supermarket until our food bank supervisor got wind of the news and made plans to rescue it. Things like butter, cream and yogurt are a rarity for us at the food bank, so this was a really big deal. Due to mislabeling of the product, apparently this perfectly good butter was going to be destroyed, left to rot away in a rubbish heap somewhere, never to be consumed again.  How sad. How wasteful.  Thankfully we were able to give it a good home in our freezers and can now bless clients that come to receive food parcels with this dairy delight.

Who knew one could get so excited about butter!

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