Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lean On Me

Take a close look at these trees.   Do you notice anything strangely profound happening here?  
Some are on a precarious lean, yet don't fall.   Something has weakened their root systems, causing them to lose grip on the hillside and begin a decent to the ground that was never completed. Why?  Because other more stable trees were in place to catch their fall. 

Perhaps it was a wind storm that triggered the tumble.  Maybe it was disease, wild animals or an irresponsible tourist that dealt them a blow. Regardless of the cause, these trees were on a path to destruction, on their way to crush the ground beneath, but never got there.  
On a recent hike through the forest a friend pointed out to me that this is a beautiful picture of my ministry to young people here in New Zealand, and not only mine, but of all who seek to provide stability for those whose life seems anything but stable.  Many of the youth with whom I work are like trees who have been dealt a hard blow in life or whose roots have not been nourished by a loving family, safe home, and the word of God.  An attempt by the enemy to cut their legs right out from underneath them has left them nearly falling apart, only to land on pastors, teachers,  youth leaders and godly adults who are there to break their fall.  And as they fall on us, they find they can lean on us, because we lean on the Rock that will never move, Almighty God.   Over time, the roots form again and they can begin to function as a healthy member of society, full of hope and a purpose. 

Please pray for the young people here in Whangarei.  Pray for ministries like Rock Solid and Kids Club, and for my contacts by coaching gymnastics.

 As Easter approaches, with it comes our 2 week school holidays in which we host Rock Solid “On the Road” camp.  From April 28 to May 2 van loads of teens and adults, including yours truly, will embark on an epic road trip around the northland, enjoying the sites and sounds of our region.  In the midst of the fun and silliness, we will be communicating God’s love to the youth through nightly “God Spots” and intentional witness in our interactions.  Please pray for this camp.   You might even consider making a donation to our NZ “Give a Little” site at the address below.  Donations to this site will support the Rock Solid ministry to youth in our region.

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