Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cyclone Lusi headed toward NZ

Infrared radar from the NZ Met Service website.
As we await the arrival of Cyclone Lusi in the next few hours, I chuckle at the fact that my sermon this weekend happens to come from Genesis 6-9: Noah and the Flood.  I began studying and preparing for this message long before I knew we would find ourselves in a similarly stormy situation (albeit much less severe and universal than the flood of Noah's day!).   I will have more to say about that in another post very soon.

 We have already postponed our church picnic and dedication originally scheduled for this weekend in favour of another time when the weather is more stable.  As cool as it is to watch the weatherman getting blown to bits on TV, I think most of us would rather avoid such experiences. He he!

We will however, keep our plans for a special combined worship service with our Dargaville Church of the Nazarene on Sunday. Please pray for safe travels and a truly blessed time together.

Cyclone Lusi is hovering over Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia at the moment, but it's next target: New Zealand.  It is currently a category 3 storm and will weaken slightly in our cooler southern waters, but is still expected to bring heavy rains, damaging winds, and possible flooding before it fizzles out.

I will keep you posted as to how we fare.  In the meantime, anticipate some great photos when this is all said and done!

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