Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Camp is Coming! WHO are you following?

WHO are you following?

Our "Follow Me" Nazarene Youth Camp 2014 is only days away.  We'll have a packed house with record numbers of campers and leaders: 113 in all! They will come from all corners of the North Island, representing nine different ethnic groups and adding their own cultural flavour to the experience!  We are anticipating a life-changing, memorable, and exciting camp Jan 13-17, and pray that all the excitement spills out into the rest of life beyond those 5 days.

Please pray for all involved this year, that we would be completely open to the moving of God's Holy Spirit and many would truly consider the question,"Who are you following?"  and choose to follow Christ Jesus whole-heartedly.  It takes a great deal of work to put on a camp like this, so our leaders (kitchen staff, speakers, directors, security, first aid, sports, counselours, etc) will all need an added measure of patience and energy.  We know that God will dish that out in abundance.  :-)

From the 12th to 17th of Jan, I will be on site and unable to access internet, but will update the blog as soon as I return, hopefully with great stories and photos to share!

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