Thursday, December 19, 2013

Surf and Turf with the Teens

School is officially out and the young ones among us are on summer holidays.  With all this spare time, what is a kid to do?  What a dilemma, eh?
 Our Rock Solid team was blessed with access to funding that allowed us to take 50 intermediate students on a 3 day holiday programme, enjoying surf and turf of the Northland, and exposing them to the love and design of the Creator God. 

We had the privilege of sharing brief devotionals each days with the kids and engaging in meaningful conversations on the long van rides to and fro.  For some of these teens, the world is very dark and undesirable place.  But for 3 days, light-filled seeds were planted in hearts and minds as the kids were cared for and conversed with by our wonderful team of leaders. 

 I've really enjoyed my involvement with 11-14 year olds the last 2.5 years here in New Zealand.

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