Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tonga: Day 5 at Mango Tree

Were time no issue and the cyber world a private place, I would tell you the story of each precious child and adult that finds a place of help and refuge in the Mango Tree Centre for the Disabled.

  Perhaps I'd write about the boy born blind who has a keen sense of rhythm and flashes his pearly whites when loud music begins.  Next on the list might be the little boy who, though he is actually age 5, still looks and functions as an infant.  Despite this, he has the determination of someone far beyond his years.  And you cannot forget the little girl with downs-syndrome who has been given the gift of helps! She always finds a way to provide assistance to her teachers in her own special way.

What about the man who suffered from a terrible accident and was not expected to live nearly three years ago?!  Miraculously he not only survived, but is now recently married, functioning very independently in his wheelchair and as strong as ever!

Our short stay here in Tonga has now come to a close.  As one would expect, it's hard to imagine leaving people with whom a special bond has been formed.  For those who call Tonga home, life here is one of both beauty and hardship, poverty and simplicity.  The island is small and flat, with shallow soil and a high water table, making it difficult to cultivate certain crops.  Much foreign aid comes in from surrounding nations like New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China; you can see their influence everywhere you go.  The people are peace-loving and kind and I am confident that if you ever make the journey to the Kingdom of Tonga, you'll not be disappointed.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories this week!


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