Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two years ago. . .

Today is September 11 in New Zealand.  Most of the world will remember this fateful day because of the act of terror against waged the United States in 2001.  I will remember September 11 for far more personal reasons.

September 11 is an unforgettable date in my own personal history, because exactly two years ago I landed in New Zealand, embarking on a journey to follow God's call and join him in his mission to reconcile the people of Whangarei back to himself as pastor of New Hope Church of the Nazarene.   Little did I know what I was getting myself into!  He he!

In two years, the Lord's faithfulness has brought me through countless obstacles and given me great rejoicing.  I've encountered brokenness and repair, suicide and new life, new jobs and reunion with old friends. I've swam with dolphins and hiked mountains, comforted hurting teens and been consoled in my own times of loss.  I've been convicted of my own sins while confronting others with theirs. I've experienced confidence and inadequacy, joy and pain.  And through it all. . .  the Lord has been faithful.

The journey continues and I am thankful for all of you who have been along the ride with me. We've crossed the two year threshold; let's see where God's road leads this year.

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  1. A year ago Jenna and I were getting on a plane to come to NZ. We miss you and our praying for you and the church. Tell everyone we said Hi!