Monday, May 20, 2013

Following the tail lights home. . .

Two friends came "across the ditch" from Australia to host a very insightful and helpful youth leadership/ mentoring workshop here in New Zealand last weekend.  Thanks, Kenny and David!

As I made the 2 hour trek home from Waiwera to Whangarei in the dark that night after the workshop, I found myself rather grateful for the tail lights of the small silver car in front of me.  You've heard me say before that a straight lines are a rare find in New Zealand and often the roads are riddled with hairpin curves and blind corners. With the early evening fog descending on the hills and the sky growing black, I strained to see just a few metres beyond the bonnet (hood) of my car.

 But a sense of relief came when I came up behind a small car making the same pilgrimage back to Whangarei.  Their tail lights provided something clear that I could see, gauge distances by, and well . . .just  follow.  Ahh, someone to follow.

Recent events and the challenges of ministry had preoccupied my mind and left me not only straining to see the asphalt in front of my headlights, but also wondering about the future.  It was then when, in His kindness, the Lord seemed to speak to my heart, "Follow me. I've navigated these roads before.  There's really no need for you to see so far ahead;  that's my job.  Just follow my tail lights and you can't go wrong."

"Follow me."  That's what Christ asks for from all of us.  What a simple lesson. 

 Follow Him.

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