Friday, June 29, 2012

Faith and Rainbows

This won't be the first time I've posted photos of rainbows on this blog.  I've developed a bit of an obsession with them over the years and the fascination continues to grow.  Due to the frequent passing of rain and sun here in New Zealand, rainbows are a common occurance and I see at least one nearly every single day!  Despite this fact, the phenonemon is anything but ordinary, and I still marvel at every single display of colour I see sweeping across the sky.

These grand demonstrations of God's creativity got me thinking.  Could a rainbow be both a symbol of and call to faith?  On a normal day, the colours of the rainbow are invisible to the naked eye.  They only become visible when the perfect combination of sun and rain collide, causing the white light to be reflected by the water droplets and refracted into different colours of the spectrum.  Basically, the water is the agent that takes the sunlight and divides up the colours so that they can now be seen by the human eye.

Like the rainbow, so many things in life are invisible and unnoticeable until our faith is put into action.  Faith is like our sixth sense that allows us to take in spiritual realities and see things that are not, as though they are. The collision of water and light make the invisble visible, resulting in a rainbow, something just as real and definite as the computer screen on which you are reading this blog.

Faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1 as "the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance about what we do not see." Faith is not merely a mental ascent or a superstitious feeling, but rather an orientation of life around the God who crafted the rainbows and calls out to us from his creation.  It is a continious active belief that God not only exists, but that he is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek him. Faith is a shield against the fiery arrows of the devil and a protection against the lies and accusations he sends our way.  Genuine faith must always be accompanied by actions that serve God and serve people.  This is when faith becomes absolutely visible.  This is when the rainbow of faith arches across the heavens and everyone sees it!

Where is your faith today?  Or perhaps the question more appropriately would be, in WHOM is your faith?  Your faith can only be as effective as the object of your faith. Who is it?  If it is God, then even a mustard-seed of faith can move mountains, because the mountain-maker can move whatever he wants.

Be encouraged by the rainbow today.  Have Faith!

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